The selection of products manufactured by S & J Enterprises are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure we build exactly what you’re looking for.  With top-of-the-line materials, cutting-edge production technologies and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction.

Custom Interior Signage

We can fabricate one sign from a simple idea or paper sketch, or create a concept for an entire casino working with your team of interior designers and architects.  No project is too big or small for our company to handle. 

Seeing our design renderings come to life is what makes this business so exciting!  Since each project is tailored to your specific needs, rates will vary depending upon project scope, materials used and technologies we incorporate. 

Need a design, LCDs and digital media content for a slot sign, or a venue sign for your oyster bar?  No problem, we're here to help!  Let our qualified designers, builders and installers do the work.

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Topaz Digital Signage

Delivering a remarkable customer experience is central to your business,  and communication is paramount to this. 

Communication can influence a customers' overall impression of your property, influence their spending habits, and help keep them playing for longer. 

What better way to deliver your communication strategy than Topaz Digital Signage?  Broadcast jackpot totals or information on slot tournaments, or showcase advertisements for restaurants and lounges that have Happy Hour. 

We have the technology to ensure your message stands out.  Speak to a sales representative today to learn about the fully networked and stand alone options for your business.

Elite Endcap Signage

Be out of the ordinary!  Showcase your sales and marketing messages and add new dimension to your advertising by utilizing the ELITE™ Light Panel.  Our ultra-thin, lightweight, and energy efficient LED lightboxes create an eye-catching, high profile display.

These static end cap displays are perfect for advertising bands in your lounge, restaurant specials or upcoming marketing promotions!  Digitally printed posters are brightly illuminated and highly effective as our many happy customers have confirmed!

Sign Installing

Exterior Signage

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